We truly care about your well-being and offer to organise your way to high quality medicine in Austria.

Austria is well known for its achievements in the field of medical research and many of our clients prefer to take care of their health here. We ensure that organisation of all the necessary procedures such us medical consultations, examinations and necessary operations run smoothly.


Our health is our higher good and a very personal matter, which requires a lot of personal privacy and empathy. With Ms. Natalia Schönig’s cooperation HSP Solutions offers privacy protection as well as a professionalism when it comes to meeting the wishes and needs of our clients.


Ms. Schönig comes from a family of physicians and it was always her dream and ambition to support people in their medical needs and to accompany them on their way to good health and well-being.


Our extensive experience and good connections in the medical sector allow us to find fast solutions, there are no challenges too big when it comes to finding the desired doctor’s appointment, as well as dates for tests and any type of medical procedure.


Your Benefits:


  • Personal support
  • Empathy
  • Quick solutions
  • Privacy
  • Many years of experience in the medical field
  • Networking